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escolta Madrid

Nora is an ex corporate executive who started working as escort when she realized that she is addicted to sex. She is perfect escort to contact if you are looking for a hot babe to get laid with.

Nora has stunning mirror like blue-eyes, curly golden hair, perfect shaped bosom and long legs to what out for. She looked amazing hot once she appear in provocative clothes.
We assure you that she will satisfy your desires more than your expectation. Her love skills include various activities such as simple lip lock, strip dancing, shower experience, sensual massage, whole body kissing etc. Overall, she is one courtesan whom you would get extremely fond of and keep on making love to her gorgeous body without taking a break.
If you desire to get laid with a hot corporate executive; then Nora is just perfect for you. She usually dressed up as an elegant corporate woman for date. Everybody will think both of you as business delegates where-ever you go. You can enjoy romancing with her initially and then make passionate love in your place or hers; depending on your choice.
Please call us or drop an email to get a date with her. She is one escort whom you should not miss dating if you are residing in Moscow.

My sex story

A Maths teacher had booked me for overnight stay. The reason was that his wife along with children had gone for some days to her mother. 
Now he was all alone, he decided to have some fun in life. The guy arrived at time in my apartment. He was short height, fat and bald too. He was in early 40s and was pretty much excited in having some fun with me.
The teacher was quite in awe of my beauty. His mouth was wide open on seeing me dressed up so sexy. I wore a long skirt showing enough cleavage.  I made him comfortable first by making a drink and then sat beside him.
Poor guy was so much excited that his hands were shivering. He asked me politely, “Can I undress you?” I laughed looking at his innocence and unzipped my skirt to show him my gorgeous body.
His eyes were wide open as I appeared in lingerie. He looked at me from top to bottom and then fondled my tits gently beneath my bra.  I love it when his hands touched my soft nipples. Soon, he came near me and kissed me on my lips. Once our tongue met; both of us were on fire. We kept on kissing for some minutes till he gently lay me down on the floor. He removed my panties along with bra while giving me French kissing.
From lips, he moved down to my neck area and pour down soft kisses over there simultaneously his hands squeezed my lovely tits. Then, he took start sucking my lovely tits gently. He touched, fondled and gently played with my lovely tits while his hands moved over my soft pussy area. The teacher pushed down further to my soft stomach and kissed every portion of it.
When he was done with kissing, he spread my legs apart and inserted his cock deep inside my vagina.  He moved slowly and then increased his speed. It was a heavenly experience for both of us. He moved on gently till he released a huge sperm inside my body and fell into a deep sleep. I too slept beside him giving him a gentle kiss on his forehead.
He kissed my hands on waking up and thanked me a lot for satisfying his desires. He told me that his wife was not interested in sex after two kids may be due to menopause. He desperately wanted to have sex in-fact was so frustrated that he thought of raping his one of his students. But his moral value didn’t allow him.
Finally, a friend suggested him to visit an escort and that gave him an idea of satisfying his desires. I told him that it was nice that he came to me for sex not force or molest someone like most of perverts do. He asked me if he can visit again for such a wholesome sex experience.  I told him anytime he could.  He smiled wide open and left the room.
Now, he had become one of my regular customer with whom I really enjoy having sex.

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